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Rigor, method, analytical skill, business knowledge, interaction, media, marketing, technology and consumption. Take all ingredients, shake and you get a unique mix.

At The Cocktail we offer our clients the talent necessary to understand the web in-depth as well as helping them to take advantage of the business opportunities it offers.

The company was founded in 2003 and in 2012 we opened operations in Mexico, Colombia and China. We've established ourselves as a multinational consultancy specialized in digital design, e-commerce and digital strategy. Our team of 100 specialists have all the skills necessary to define, produce and make digital products completely functional. 

We additionally have the support of The Cocktail Analysis, a market research consultancy specialized in consumer trends, communication and new technologies. The knowledge they offer allows us to analyze consumers and trends so that we can design better products.

We do everything possible to attract the best talent and to stay up to date. That's why we participate in forums where we can learn and contribute to the dialogue about User Experience, HTML 5, programming, SEO, ...

Once in awhile we are awarded prizes, which is always encouraging, like the Webby Award for the best USA tourism site for Iwannagothere.com in 2011, the Best eCommerce Service Provider of Spain in 2012 or the Laus de Oro for the design of Canal +.

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The key to The Cocktail is the talent of the people involved. It is because of our enthusiastic and passionate staff that we are able to offer such an exceptional service to our clients.

Below is a list of the current job offers. If none of the offers fit you, but you think it's worthwhile for us to meet you nonetheless, get in touch through the offer marked “I'm sure you'll find a space for me.”

Make sure that your CV shows your capabilities and what your participation could offer our company. Your online life interests us, every mark, every trace.

We are currently looking for the following profiles:


We collaborate as an "Entidad Amiga" with the Foundation Fundación Lealtad, collaborating financially every year so that they can continue with their labors to promote greater transparency amongst NGOs. We do this because we feel that they are professionalizing the sector and helping it to grow.  Your company should collaborate too!


We have strategic alliances with InUse, a Swedish leader in User Experience with offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg; and with Manifest Digital, a North American digital agency with its headquarters in Chicago.

This means that we exchange experiences, people and knowledge and that we are able to offer an international reach to our clients.

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