A transmedia universe related to fictional audiovisual content

Implications: Technology, Brand, Marketing, Transmedia, Design, Media

Defining and building a whole digital ecosistem

The context

The battle for gaining clients taking place among platforms gives the consumer a tremendous amount of content. Series are becoming the new grail and the focus of audiovisual talent, to the extent that consumers are turning into true fans. Consumers who demand to view content where and whenever they want, and not only do they expect to be told a story, but they want to be a part of it and partake in a universe beyond the actual audiovisual pieces themselves.

Consumers are becoming more demanding. They choose services based on content (football, cinema and series are the keys to loyalty).

Viewers 2017. The Cocktail Analysis

The challenge

In the race to make consumers loyal, not only is audiovisual content important, but also differentiation is becoming more and more relevant when it comes to generating narrative contexts. The objective of the project is to create a digital ecosystem that provides support to the communication of every series, along with a flexible and secure internal workspace between producers and TV.

Our approach 

The digital ecosystem is composed primarily of 3 pieces:

  • A B2C platform, an archive of all of the series and information on upcoming launches. Every new series is launched via a microsite, thereby allowing for the personalization of structures and content, and enabling production startup to happen with little effort, thanks to the development of the eZ CMS. The objective is design excellence (eZ award) and the product’s scalability. 
  • Transmedia Development for communicating one of the main series. The narrative context is complete with an interactive experience and virtual reality development, whereby consumers can rediscover the series from another point of view, enabling them to interact with its spaces and objects. This development connects the world of TV with digital, and with the physical presence of the outdoors (virtual reality was presented in various spaces so that any user, whether or not a client, could enjoy the experience).
  •  A B2B Platform that allows material to be transferred between TV and producers. The objective of the platform is to track users (to know who has accessed what material), and to provide a secure environment. 


Every new series site is launched into production in 3 weeks.

The B2B platform has supported more than 1,000 GB of transferred data during its first 6 months of existence, reducing time spent by producers on these tasks by more than 30%.