From an infrastructure of financial products to a digital powerhouse

Implications: UX, Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Technology, Strategy, Banking, Financial Services

End-to-end digital transformation

The challenge

In a context where financial products and services are completely commoditized, the banking industry faces the challenge of redesigning itself end-to-end: from the creation of new digital business models, the transformation of its technology and client experience, to an extensive cultural transformation.

We’ve accompanied one of the world’s major banks in these challenges; from design, business and technology.

Part of the success of this collaboration stems from working with an organization that understands design as a way of defining ‘what’ as well as ‘how’.

Keko Ponte, Account Director.

Our projects

  • We defined the roadmap of initiatives in order to attack the client’s day-to-day, which are leveraged on the pillars of the bank’s brand. We defined and designed new digital businesses outside of the financial perimeter and created new client management models for Retail and Corporate Banking, accompanying the bank in the process of migrating the technology of its client management tools.
  • A team of researchers, UX designers and UI designers work alongside the internal design team, assisting them in the development of various solutions under a flexible framework, and in multidisciplinary teams in design, business and technology.
  • Lastly, with the technology area, we’ve supported the bank in speeding up the transformation of the engineering team towards a transversal area based on an adaptable culture of an open organization. We’ve also helped to define the area’s governance model, and we participated in the construction of what now is the technological banking platform of reference. 
Digital Powerhouse

Working at this level with a global leader is demanding, exhausting and extremely fun.

Keko Ponte, Account Director.