Quick delivery: in 6 months we radically changed the relationship a bank has with its clients

Implications: Technology, Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Banking, Financial Services

Change + Speed + Solvency


One of Europe’s most financially sound banks needed to expand its financial excellence into the digital realm, transforming its organization and entirely renewing its remote banking platform after having provided the same solution for more than 12 years. And they needed to do it in the least amount of time possible. How can digitalization strengthen a business that’s growing and already financially stable?

cambio velocidad solvencia

A technological update is a continuous exercise of prioritizing and it's painful, when you are not used to.

Clara Tió, Account Director

Considering the technological legacy, and the need to reengineer processes, the key to the project was to find the right middleware solutions in order to further the demands of the business.

In order to do so, it was essential to find a common approach with the client: “working on challenges together.” This implied a mentality based on courage, taking risks, the ability to make intelligent decisions which changed the project’s direction, and collaborating with managers; players who are essential to the functioning of the entire wealth management model.

equipo de trabajo

The project

In 6 months we designed, built and implemented the institution’s new remote banking platform. Redefining the user experience, modernizing the solution’s design and updating the technological platform with the latest tools (Java, SpringBoot, Jenkins,...). All of which are supported by streamlined methodologies that allow for reduced time-to-market, while always recognizing the Business-IT work team as a unique work cell and entirely eliminating the traditional client-supplier framework and working in silos.



A remote banking solution that’s at the forefront, resulting in a turning point for our client and highlighting our value proposition as a partner: speed (6 months for the implementation of a high value product), user-centered (a solution tailored to the needs of the end-user and manager), and flexibility (we boldly took on the challenge and leveraged opportunities in the face of risk).  

Lastly, we achieved something more extraordinary than the project itself: accompanying the institution in its cultural transformation.