We transform the operational model of the marketing area into a global company

Implications: Strategy, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing

We transform the operational model of the marketing area into a global company
Global efficiency? Local autonomy? Better if we combine both.

The Challenge

A leading Fortune 500 company in human resources needed to redefine the structure of its marketing teams around the world to increase efficiency and create synergies. 

We are talking about an organization with a presence in more than 60 countries, more than 40 brands and more than 700 marketing professionals. With these characteristics, finding a balance between global operational efficiency and local autonomy was a great challenge. 

Transformamos el ecosistema de marketing de una Fortune 500

The project

We started the project with an immersion and analysis phase to understand the organizational structure and the operating model of the different countries, brands and departments. 

After this exercise, and in collaboration with more than 50 of the client's stakeholders, we defined a new organizational model. This model contemplated the optimal division between the tasks to be carried out at a global and local level and internally and externally, as well as the ideal size of teams per territory and brand. 

We validated this new organization with a business case that, after 6 months, demonstrated its efficiency with results of 3 million euros. 

In addition, we promoted the creation of Shared Services Centres and Centres of Excellence on three continents in order to encourage synergies between teams around the world. Two of these centres (Prague and Mexico City) are currently operational and provide services in content production, analytics, marketing automation and programming. 



· We redefined the company's global marketing structure, moving from a country-driven strategy to a brand-driven one. 

· We managed to reduce operating costs by 15% by taking advantage of economies of scale, simplifying the partner ecosystem and renegotiating contracts and licenses. 

· We developed a roadmap for the next 3 years, including the launch and operation of Shared Services Centers in Prague and Mexico City in the first 4 months.