How to help companies in their recovery through responsible financing and achieve greater ties through digital channels?

Financial services have never experienced such an intense period of disruptive transformation as today. New digital entrants and exponential technologies are constantly being incorporated into our lives, and value propositions when making a payment, investing our savings or how companies are financed are redefined at that same breakneck speed every day.


But although the changes are many and very diverse, the strategic importance of the financial sector - found in contexts such as those linked to the European recovery funds and the more than 750,000 million euros of the Next Generation EU program- makes it even more critical to take advantage of the transitions. twins towards a greener and more digital economy, wherecompanies Future-Ready that are knowing how to capture these opportunities show returns in their net margins 19.3 points above the average.


We are entering a new post-COVID reality, where external forces of change are shaping a new competitive environment in the financial services field: from low interest rates that force us to seek efficiency and differentiation like never before to intense regulatory environment experienced; to the new behaviors of consumers and their liquid expectations when it comes to interacting with entities and embedding financial services in their day-to-day making a payment or taking out insurance. We are living in a time of unprecedented structural change, and the answers have to be commensurate.


How to help companies in their recovery through responsible financing and achieve greater ties through digital channels? 

What opportunities exist in the paytech environment, together with merchants, when it comes to offering digital payment experiences outside the POS? 

How to take advantage of regulatory sandboxes to innovate and compete in an environment where the barriers between industries are increasingly blurred? 


At The Cocktail we accelerate the transformation of financial services towards this new competitive reality, materializing growth opportunities on this journey towards a more digital, sustainable and resilient financial model.



How we help banks. 



  • Accelerating the adoption of digitization, defining new strategies and models of commercial distribution, designing digital experiences and implementing data-based technologies that facilitate the digital transition of customers as well as new operating models easily operable by your employees.
  • Adapting to the new needs of clients, designing new experiences and financial value propositions taking advantage of new digital consumer expectations and emerging opportunities derived from regulatory environments such as MIFID, Basel or the new European EPI payment initiatives.
  • Increasing productivity, in terms of capturing efficiencies after corporate M&A operations in areas such as operational or technological, as well as taking advantage of digital automation and robotization trends to operate and transform services more efficiently.
  • Diversifying revenues, defining new strategies in a context of economies based on platforms and ecosystems, designing new competitive environments with fintechs and bigtechs and accelerating start-up through digitization.