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Education needs focus on the user centric model

Education it is one of the industries that are experiencing greater growth and expansion since the last 5 years with the entry of investment funds betting on a booming sector.


The growth opportunities of the sector were articulated from strategies that aimed at other markets and with a focus on non-regulated training to which now, the new wave of digitization adds the acceleration of the academic experience forcing institutions to transform both at the time to give the classes and to review the recruitment model.



From this derivative, an increasingly volatile context arises where uncertainty regarding mobility, difficulty and restriction in face-to-face classes or alteration in the development of practices are some of the challenges faced by the sector, which you need more than ever to put the potential student at the center  moving from a product centric model to a user centric one that impacts processes, technology and the value proposition. 



identify the opportunities in this sector in 3 key areas of movement:


  • The acceleration of online training, both in adoption and in increased demand... for which a powerful CMS capable of hosting and integrating speed and constant optimization with a good connection with your data ecosystem.
  • The experience marked by the uncertainty of current and potential students, for which ais needed differential accompaniment from the guide and the differentiation of the programs and connection and understanding of the stages of the student's life with a cruising speed per hour to innovate in the launch of new products and to mark a focused strategy centered on the LTV of the student.
  • The strategic change and expansion in the Latam market, both in the product and in the commercial logistics that sustains it, to break down the physical barriers, in a purely digital recruitment and enrollment model.