Concern for sustainability gains strength in the context of energy
Concern for sustainability gains strength in the context of energy

The energy industry is immersed in a transformation process marked by digitization and sustainability, being one of the sectors most impacted by the latter. As a consequence, energy companies are facing a market in full disruption, with companies and individuals increasingly attentive to the environmental footprint of their consumption and taking the forms of relationship of digital natives as standard. 

The development of renewable energies, electrification and the gradual substitution of fossil fuels is driving the development of multi-energy players that move their focus from the product to the customer. This, together with the decreasing barriers to entry, is favoring the emergence of digital natives that increase the competitiveness of the sector and stress the need for transformation of traditional operators. The new actively digital entrants are positioning themselves better than the big players, more held back by their commercial, technological and cultural legacy. 

In response to the new energy ecosystem, operators are immersed in a process of renewing their value offers and customer relationship models that intends to defend their traditional market. Additionally, they promote diversification processes focused on exploring opportunities in new territories (mobility, home, circular economy, etc.) that allow them to access new profit pools with high added value. 




At The Cocktail we have the necessary skills to explore opportunities and develop them in the end2end. User knowledge, the ability to redesign the energy business strategy and our digital and technological DNA are the perfect cocktail to face the challenges of the sector together.


  • Diversification: using the current client portfolio to grow in new business lines (more or less close to the 'natural' territory). We have helped other clients generate this additional income. We have the experience and access to players in other industries to promote strategic agreements (fintech, insurtech, etc.).
  • Efficiency of the life cycle of clients based on technology and self-management: from a more efficient acquisition thanks to predictive models and propensity to buy, up to the improvement of self-management apps.
  • Technology: We understand the benefits of new platforms, and we have experience in integrations with legacy systems. We can accelerate the implementation of new tools and facilitate the management of the change that their adoption implies.