Black Friday Overtakes the Christmas Shopping Season

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Black Friday Overtakes the Christmas Shopping Season

November is crowned the number one month with the highest online sales.

Purchases during the period known “Black Friday” have helped to change buying patterns during the Christmas season. The end of November is now marked on the calendar as the key period for kicking it off, as demonstrated in a study conducted by  The Cocktail Analysis, recogido por El País

47% of users who purchased online this past Black Friday ended up doing so before buying a Christmas gift.

The Cocktail Analysis

Fashion, electronics, beauty and items for the home were the products purchased the most online.

As many as 20% of Internet users who bought some type of product or service on Black Friday this year decided to click the purchase button, simply because there were discounts and special offers. 

The logistics revolution in the retail sector has significantly changed purchasing procedures. Now, consumers hold off on making a decision until they have a real need to do so, since they know that they can receive an order in 24 hours or less.

Felipe Romero, CEO de The Cocktail Analysis.

The combination of easing logistics procedures, with the context of overstimulation in which consumers live, results in having various implications on distribution itself: “from the need to modify or give up the concept of season, to the challenge of stimulating purchases in order to avoid an excessive peak at specific times. A fact that limits repeat purchases and makes managing stocks difficult,” Romero points out. 

Along these lines, Eduardo Zamácola, president of Acotex, the entrepreneur association for the textile industry, indicates that “buying something today to wear tomorrow” along with the highly competitive nature of the industry, has generated “a dizzying amount of unsustainable special offers” for many companies, which is very difficult to change.

It appears that Black Friday has entered with a bang and is here to stay in Spain.