Healthkathon: Designing Healthy Experiences

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Healthkathon: Designing Healthy Experiences

With the aim of examining the patient experience and exploring digital solutions, we organized, along with KSchool, a UX Hackathon at our offices in Madrid. It was the first of its kind at the national level on the topics of healthcare and UX.

We divided the event into two parts: on Friday, March1 -and prior to the competition- we held a roundtable event on the possibilities concerning patient experiences, which was attended by professionals from the fields of design and healthcare. Elvira Arzubialde, CEO of WPP’s Health Practice; Natxo Díaz, Creative Director at Ogilvy Common Health Spain and José Carlos López, Director of the Foundation Porque Viven (Because They Live), explained the possibilities that the user experience has in the healthcare arena.

Saturday was the big day: a marathon session running from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm, where 20 participants (10 couples) from the Healthkathon had to design an app for teachers at Aulas Hospitalarias, where hospitalized boys and girls study.

The objective is to find talent from among participants and develop attainable and attractive solutions for the user.

Miguel Castrillo, UX Consultant & Product Director at The Cocktail.

Every couple defended their proposal in front of a panel of judges: Clara Jeffers, Design Experience Director at The Cocktail; Rocío Salinas, Marketing and UX Director at KSchool; Keko Ponte, Partner and Chief Experience Officer at The Cocktail and Nacho Ortega, UI/UX Consultant at BBVA.

While it was a tough choice, the winning proposal was the one designed by Ángela García and Manuel Sánchez, who obtained scholarships for a Master’s Degree in UX from KSchool.

And us? What did we gain from our Healthkathon? The ability to generate vision and awareness in the area of patient experience and to apply that vision to a real world case.

And the winning couple, as well as the other participants, obtained an unforgettable UX experience. A fun and constructive marathon work session.

Check out our experience in this video.