Salesforce: The Champion of Customer Knowledge

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Salesforce is a key piece for generating this customer
Salesforce is not a silver bullet that works for everything, nor is success guaranteed just by choosing Salesforce.

We live in the era of the digital revolution where connectivity is ubiquitous. Today, more people have access to a mobile phone or the Internet than to drinking water, and any event anywhere in the world is recorded live and broadcast on social networks and the Internet around the world. 

For the consumer, one of the consecuentes of the expansion of connectivity has been cognitive saturation: the feeling of being subjected to an unmanageable number of stimuli and the difficulty of processing them. 

In this context, the number of interacciones has increased significantes with the arrival of Digital, making time a precious value. In each of these interactions, companies put themselves at risk and have to show relevant and personalized content, and this can only be achieved through customers' activable knowledge.  


How we accelerate business impact with Salesforce

In this regard, Salesforce is a key piece for generating and activating this customer knowledge. But Salesforce is not a silver bullet that works for everything, nor is success guaranteed just by choosing Salesforce. That's why we want to share a different approach, ours, to Salesforce projects:

1. It is about business: The key to a project is to identify the business challenge you want to solve, and technology is "only" a facilitator for achieving that challenge, i.e.: improving customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency, expanding conversion, and so on. Our starting point is challenge, and it's from there that we build the approach and the solution. 

2. Make things happen: Capitalizing on the value of a project happens mainly when it's been executed in a complete way and the solution is being used efficiently by business teams. In this sense, in order to maximize and help generate and capitalize on value, we have equipped ourselves with capabilities to cover the end-to-end of the project, from conceptualization to implementation and subsequent operation.  

3. Customer First:  Intuition is good; facts and data are better. In this regard, our área of The Cocktail Analysis is a market benchmark in generating customer knowledge. It's intelligence that we will then help you activate with Salesforce. 

4. Lovable experiences: Providing memorable experiences has become a goal of all our clients and we have been working with them for years to create these differential experiences. This experience has allowed us to get to know the Salesforce UX/UI rules of the game very well and explore their limits.

5. Go Fast or Go Home!: Transformation is needed today not tomorrow. Technology and Salesforce evolve vey rapidly and speed has become a business imperative. At The Cocktail, we're fast and bring value from the start, building MVPs in weeks rather than months, delivering projects in quarters rather than semesters, and transforming businesses in semesters rather than in years. 

6. The A-Team: What's our secret ingredient? People. Thus, at The Cocktail we have very different profiles that work towards a common challenge.  

There's only ‘one The Cocktail’, only one exists and all teams focus on facing the challenge by doing what they do best.

Luis Méndez, Director of Salesforce Solutions.

Stategy  teams identify and generate change in business. 

The UX/UI teams creates a memorable experience. 

The Salesforce and Technology Teams build the assets to make things happen. 

Data Teams genérate intelligence from captured informations. 

And together, everyone faces the challenge. 

7. Focus, Focus, Focus: We're a professional service provider and professional services involve specialization. In this sense, we don't want to cover everything, thus focusing on those clouds where we can bring the most value: Marketing, Sales, Service, Communities and Platform.

8. Size is not important: Because size does matter. We are part of the WPP group, a leader in the implementation of Cloud Marketing in Europe with more than 1,000 professionals working in the development of multi-cloud projects.  

As has been said many times: “The pace of the change will never be this slow again”. in this regard, the speed of change and disruption in existing business modelo is generativa uncertainty among executives around the world and having a business partner is key; one with in-depth technological knowledge of the Salesforce platform, that's clear on where you're putting yourself at risk and that has the necessary speed to try (and even fail). That's where you'll find us.