"Success is penalized even more than failure in Spain"

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Success is penalized in Spain

Alberto Knapp Bjeren, founder and President of The Cocktail, appears on the back page of the most important financial newspaper in Spain: Cinco Días, and in the most widely read headline: El País, in an interview where he talks about the most common mistakes that companies make during their transformation. 

Jumping on board just any initiative never turns out well. Many companies have undertaken projects without any direction, because the didn't know where they needed to take them right from the start.

Alberto Knapp
If there is something fundamental for spanish entrepreneurship, it’s without a doubt cultural transformation.

Something to take into account is managing expectations. The key to success is for initiatives not to promise more than what can be achieved. But not only are company expectations essential, so are those of users.

But if there ir something fundamental for spanish entrepreneurship, it's without a doubt cultural transformation. "In other countries, people who make it to the top are viewed as someone who has contributed to society; someone who has changed things. This perspective helps to build icons; influential people who serve as an inspiration". 

Nevertheless, "Spain penalizes failure, but what's worse is that it also penalizes success", which is the title of the article in Retina, where you can read the entire interview.

It may sound strange, but the best thing companies and their employees can do is to get out of their comfort zone. Knapp, therefore, invites us to take risks, to feel uncomfortable and insercure in order to transform and grow companies from the inside.