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The quality and experience of a great brand on a small screen.

Keys ideas.

Redefine the mobile ecosystem as a relationship channel with the client,

identifying how the mobile changes business processes.

Build from client's perspective

identifying functionalities and reconfiguring the processes based on the mobility

Create a roadmap for mobile technology integration in the company's processes.

We work with Meliá to renovate the mobile version of its website. An agile project covered from the definition to the development.

Meliá is one of the largest hotel chains in Spain and an important one on the European stage. They’ve always been pioneers in their sector and a business to look to for how to do things right. With that spirit they decided to undertake a complete renovation of their mobile channel creating an application and a mobile version of their site. Here at The Cocktail we took care of the latter, from definition to development.

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Agile methodology

In order to do so, we applied agile development methodology in all aspects of the project. From the beginning, we understood that the project had to be handled quickly and effectively. We kicked it off with a workshop in Palma de Mallorca (where Grupo Meliá has their headquarters) and set out to define business aspects and primary features, all this while soaking in the corporate image of the business.

We found that, among other things, last-minute reservations are vital for the hotel industry and that’s why now you’ll always find an option to search for the closest hotel. We also strove for great features, like geolocalization while still favoring a light page load (so there will be no problem for the tourist from another country using a data-roaming plan).

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Since one of the primary objetives of this protect was to work quickly to release as soon as possible, in the user experience and design phase we decided to only prototype key screens, from there on the UX consultor and the designer worked side by side, holding daily scrums with the front and back end developers.

Differential aspects

So, we finished the project in record time while still maintaining excellent quality. All of which translates itself into a range of differential aspects that make this mobile website stand out against the competition:

  • Personalization according to the sub-brand, each hotel line has it’s own graphic style.

  • Light design and code to keep loading time down and favor the mobile experience. The loading time is shockingly fast.

  • Optimization for high-resolution mobile screens, including retina.

  • Robust design to handle multi-language. This version supports up to 8 languages.

  • HTML5 development in order to add features like geolocalization.

  • Integration with the fidelity program Melia Rewards.

This is just the first step. Work will continue and we will gradually add more contents and features throughout the year. We’re working towards the most complete experience that users have come to expect from a brand like Meliá.

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