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Real Madrid

Accelerating Digital Transformation at Real Madrid

Key ideas.

New user relationship model: Infotainment.

Context and Relevance as a major driver for interaction.

Commercial development of digital presence:

main business opportunity for sponsors.

Trigger transformation:

organization, content, commercial and digital development

We began to work with Real Madrid in 2012, with the objective of bringing the brand closer to the worldwide community of more than 100 million fans through its digital channel.

The key challenge of the project was to deal with cultural change in one of the most renowned institutions in the world, in order to expand its reach further than ever and to maximize the profitability of its presence on the web. These goals can be accomplished by designing an ad-hoc product for the user, and to do this, the first step was to revamp the site.

We worked on identifying all the contact points between Real Madrid and its fans:

  • Before the match, the fan is searching. To be relevant the quality of information, the speed with which content is created and updated, excellent SEO – able to compete with large media players at specific points such as announcements, pre-game, lineups, schedules, news...

  • During the match, relationship shifts, and the website becomes the perfect complement for the main focus: The Match. The fan wants customized content, original and updated high-quality videos, first-hand real-time information from the inside, detailed narrative and updated statistics, that enrich the experience.

  • At the end of the match users want to speak, listen and help build the story of the game. Social media allows for a more direct contact with clubs, players, coaches and other fans.

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In order to respond to this evolving context, for the definition of the project we understood had to offer the same experience across all devices.

Data can confirm the positive results

the average time per session has doubled, and number of pages visited has increased by 35%. Mobile device visits has grown noticeably and bounce rate has decreased considerably, making the website a platform for sponsors of the highest value. And more demanding.

Recently, Real Madrid has become the club with most followers on Instagram – the basketball team has more fans than the New York Knicks – proving the project is starting to bear its rewards.

35% number of pages visited
has increased
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