4 Keys to recovering direct sales in the Travel sector

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4 Keys to recovering direct sales in the Travel sector
The objective was to regain control of the distribution of its hotels, which in a complicated market context was driven by intermediation.

One of the most relevant hotel chains at the national level, with more than 150 hotels worldwide, came to The Cocktail with an ambitious two-year strategic plan: 

  • 30% increase in conversions
  • Gain territory on OTA's
  • Improve their mobile experience

The objective was to regain control of the distribution of its hotels, which in a complicated market context was driven by intermediation.

How did we make this possible?

We designed a joint plan where we accompanied them through data, technology and design, to leverage data as a source of knowledge and search for profitability. A data driven marketing vision that transformed the management of the Marketing and Technology teams. 

Working in industries as mature as those of hospitality is an enormous intellectual challenge that begins by understanding a complex value chain full of super-specialized players. 

Keko Ponte, Account Manager
4 claves para recuperar la venta directa en el sector travel

The Project

One of the biggest challenges for the hotel industry is to promote direct sales, which currently only represent 30% of total sales. 

Faced with this circumstance, the "battle" against online agencies involved strategies to improve technology and traffic capture efficiency, as well as the development of loyalty programs. 

Initiatives that we put into preactive and the revolutionized the company internally. 

How did we do it?

  1. We analyzed various cases of mediated marketing to generate new distribution models. 
  2. We developed all of their front desk technology by thinking about personalizing the experience, using data and the mobile experience. What does this change translate into? Into a conversion improvement of more than 150%. 
  3. We created a constant and multivariate testing system that allows us to measure the impact of each design decision in real time, prioritizing all the new functionalities that we put into production each week. 
  4. We used machine learning models to optimize business processes and improve their efficiency, with ROI's of more than 500%.

And along the way, we accompanied them in the implementation of their new brand, the management of their employees and the creation of their loyalty club. 


Success resides in not discriminating among customers, suppliers, or even partners. We were one single team focused on the same challenge, sharing every risk, every breakthrough, every obstacle and every success. 

Roser Oliva, Account Engagement Manager