We recovered the direct sale of a multinational hotel

Implications: Technology, Data, Design

We recovered the direct sale of a multinational hotel
A key to stand out in a changing sector? Understanding the data.

The Challenge

One of the great challenges of the hotel industry is to promote direct sales, which only represents about 30% of total sales. 

In this context, a large hotel chain with more than 150 hotels around the world came to The Cocktail, and did so with an ambitious 2-year strategic plan:

· Increase conversions by 30%.
· Gaining territory to OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)
· Improve your mobile experience

The target? To regain control of the distribution of their hotels, which was marked by intermediation.

To do this we designed a strategy focused on improving the conversion and user experience through technological optimization, design and use of data.

"The success has been in forming a single team with the client, oriented towards the same challenge, sharing every risk, every advance, every obstacle and every success".

Roser Oliva, Commitment Manager of the cuenta
4 claves para recuperar la venta directa en el sector travel

The project

We carried out the project in 4 phases:

· Analysis: we analyze the different cases of mediated marketing to generate new distribution models.

· Development: We develop all your front end technology with personalization, data usage and mobile experience in mind.

· Testing: we create a constant and multivariate testing system that allows us to measure the impact of each design decision in real time, prioritizing all the new features that we put into production every week. 

· Optimization: we use machine learning models to optimize business processes and improve their efficiency.

In addition, we accompany them in the implementation of their new brand and in the creation of their loyalty club.


· Conversion increase of more than 150%
· Range of ROIs up to 500%
· Implementation of a new approach to data driven marketing

"Working in industries as mature as hospitality is a huge intellectual challenge that starts with understanding a complex value chain full of hyper-specialized players.

Keko Ponte, account manager