Real State

We work with new forms of commercialization through technology

The Real State industry is immersed in a transformation process led by four main drivers of change:


  • Entry of new digital native players.
  • Irruption of new channels.
  • Introduction of changes in customer interaction.
  • Development of new forms of relationship with housing.


This transformation is putting concepts related to the world of habitability, property management and of the tenant, creating additional business opportunities around the traditional Real State sector. In turn, the increase in digital penetration that the sector has experienced favors the emergence of new forms of commercialization through technology.


In the context of transformation, the new actively digital entrants are positioning themselves better than the more traditional players, since the latter are being held back by the historical legacy that they carry (older, more fragmented portfolios, less vertical integration, etc.) and have less capacity to turn with agility towards where the client advances (both buyer / seller and tenant / lessor).

This process of change is entering a stage of digital consolidation, where the new players will try to establish positions by capturing a client who, being used to all kinds of digital interactions, demands the same accessibility in the Real State sector.




The Cocktail we have the necessary capabilities to help companies in the sector face this challenge, from strategy, operation, technology, data, product and people. All this from the perspective of the client as a decision center, the point around which all strategic decisions pivot.


We already have numerous success stories in the sector, but we still have a lot to do, since the Real Estate industry is highly susceptible to being impacted by changes in all business dimensions in which we are experts.