Data Driven Growth: an end-to-end strategy to increase recruiting

Implications: Marketing, Data, Machine Learning, Education, Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning for improving lead generation

The challenge

To turn an educational institution into the dominant player by means of a strategy of data collection, analysis and activation.

The project

We defined and implemented a data management strategy that collaborates on decision-making, the integration of data from their CRM with analytics tools, the implementation of Hubspot and the creation of a Datamart, where data from all silos are combined.

We used Machine Learning techniques for assigning a conversion rate to each lead, and also estimated its quality in terms of future students for the school. We broke the leads down by uniform profiles with the aim of personalizing their analysis.

We implemented the DoubleClick Full Stack solution for data usage in searches and campaigns.

Through the use of DoubleClick and Hubspot, we activated the leads through bids, and we personalized strategies based on their conversion rate, quality and specific profile.


We backed up data-based decision-making with regards to defining and implementing paid media campaigns, which maximize recruiting the best future alumni.

We also made teamwork more efficient in admissions, thanks to the use of Machine Learning.