Hawkers case: martech with impact on the business revenues

Implications: ecommerce, Technology

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When we started working with Hawkers, we understood their efficiency challenge in two ways:


  • Direct impact on results: reduce inefficiencies between channels and improve audience segmentation.
  • Indirect impact: by making campaign operations more efficient, teams can spend more time on value-added tasks.


To achieve this goal, we have worked on the evolution of the company's martech ecosystem with which to maintain transactional KPIs while making the investment more efficient. The idea was to propose an omnichannel strategy to understand the role of each channel in the path to conversion, which involves implementing GMP technology (GA360 and SA360)


Let's integrate the payment channels: Hello Smartly.io!



Thanks to the integration of Smartly.io and SA360 we have achieved greater knowledge of audiences, impacts, frequency... We also have the possibility of creating cross-channel remarketing audiences.

In the case of Hawkers, where the paid social channel contributes year after year more income and represents 38% of the new users, it is one of the functionalities that contributes more value to the omnicanal strategy. Search Ads 360 can create lists with customers who click on your search and Facebook ads and attract them back through search channels, Facebook or Display generating more conversions.


Scalability and cross-channel audiences


Thanks to Smartly.io we have created a scalable campaign structure in all the countries where Hawkers operates. This not only allows us to unify the data of the accounts in each country, but also gives us a global vision of the channel's performance for all markets and provides greater efficiency and agility in the day to day. In addition, the use of creative templates facilitated the adaptation of the creatives to different languages. 

With the implementation of Search Ads 360 floodlight we have the possibility to optimize all channels through the same floodlight. In this way, we not only have information about the entire customer journey, but we also feed the algorithm with more data volume, which improves learning and favors the performance of the campaigns.


More informed decisions


Integration between Search Ads 360 and Smartly.io allows us to send floodlight conversion data to Smartly.io and then use it to make bidding decisions.


With the centralized data, we can choose which metrics we want to display globally in both SA360 through the custom columns and in Smartly.io. And we can already see the first results:


  • Traffic increases by 300% YoY. Besides the fact that our "playing field" (online) is more relevant than ever due to the pandemic and the large number of companies that have diverted their actions to this channel, we can play and learn with these cookies.
  • 2 out of 5 users that access Hawkers are new users that we were not reaching before.


The change in strategy has allowed us to lay the long term foundation for scaling up to new users, to make the investment more efficient with a higher average ticket and a stronger brand positioning.