We boost an airline's customer service with Salesforce

Implications: Strategy, Technology, Design, Salesforce

We boost an airline's customer service with Salesforce
Can we find operational efficiencies while improving the customer experience?

The Challenge

An airline with over 27 million passengers annually asked us to boost their service through Salesforce-based solutions. This company was launching +100M commercial communications annually, solving +300K service cases annually and handling +4M calls each year. 

We are aware that airlines capable of showing knowledge of their customers, anticipating their needs and offering a personalized service are achieving customer loyalty, improving their income due to recurrence and the sale of new services. 

In this sense, customer service centers (traditionally considered an extra cost) have become a clearly differentiating element, where the one that is present in the moments of truth, helping customers, culminates in their loyalty. But it is vital to make these tasks compatible with the efficiency of the processes used. 

Impulsamos el servicio al cliente de una aerolínea con Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Project

We made an approach from the business impact and the combination of technology profiles, strategy and design that facilitated the transversality of all initiatives, ensuring the proper adoption and guaranteeing a sustainable solution and without technological debt for the technology teams. We were facing one of the largest Salesforce implementations in the Service and Marketing Cloud in Spain. 

In 4-week cycles, following a scrum-by-sprint methodology, we implemented new capabilities that opened up new customer relationship channels and consolidated the integral vision of the traveler's journey. At the same time, we carried out the search for efficiencies by identifying pockets of value where to act, implementing functionalities (e.g. macros, automatisms, etc.) that enabled their activation. Always keeping in mind the new regulation published in 2019, which required the definition and implementation of new critical processes for the company, seeking additionally a significant impact on cost savings. 

All this, in a complex technological ecosystem characterized by Salesforce Service, Marketing and Social Studio as main solutions coexisting with different front technologies (Liferay and Angular), middleware and back office in a decoupled layer architecture within a hybrid multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructure. 

It should be noted that, during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, communication to customers has been vital, sending +600K communications, creating new marketing and service journeys, activating available information and always keeping in mind the preferences of each customer.



· Impact x40 of the fees in EBITDA due to process automation (reduction of FTEs in operation), increase of revenues and reduction of the operational risk. 
· NPS increase, with the management of more than +150M emails, +70k SMS, +200K Push notifications with +1000 customized variables treated with AI, being key in the proactive management of Covid-19. 
· Reduction of the time to impact to 6 weeks from the business idea to visible production for the client from the use of agile methodologies.