We define the IT strategy for a global loyalty program

Implications: Strategy,, Architecture Technology, Change Management

We define the IT strategy for a global loyalty program
Can the right strategy achieve in 4 months what was not achieved in years?

The challenge 

Our client, an airline with more than 60 million passengers a year, needed to scale up its loyalty program, which has more than 25 million members. 

The loyalty program had been growing at a great pace, adding in 3 years 20 new partners and 9 thousand new members per day. However, the lack of scalability of its technological platform prevented it from taking advantage of its full potential. 

After 15 years, attempts to replace it were unsuccessful due to the importance and implications of the decision. From The Cocktail we helped define the technological strategy and prepare, carry out and evaluate a tender to meet this challenge. 

Definimos la estrategia IT para un programa de fidelización global

The project

In 4 months we carried out the complete tender. We divided the project into 4 phases and involved all the teams that were going to be affected:

· Understanding: we interviewed over 40 professionals from the 12 areas involved in the loyalty program to understand their challenges and needs. 
· Definition: we create the tender documents and identify the key technological criteria, thus optimizing the time of the qualification phase of the bidders. In addition, we carry out the benchmark of potential participants, which we filter together with the client. 
· Evaluation: we facilitate the process of evaluating and comparing the bidders, contributing our experience in loyalty and technological architecture to ensure that the decision criteria are neutral and objective. 
·  Implementation plan: we presented our final recommendation, including a business case that justified the investment, the detailed implementation roadmap and the change management plan.

"What at first might have seemed a technological project, turned out to be a critical business decision. Therefore, involving all affected teams in the process was as important as selecting the best solution".


· Definition of the IT Strategy, aligned with teams as diverse as marketing, legal or IT. 
· Captures additional revenue of +150M euros over the next 3 years, which with the old solution would have been lost. 
· Variabilization of 80% of the current fixed costs of the platform in 2024.