A new generation of advertising investment research

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A new generation of advertising investment research

We present the Idilia case, where The Cocktail Analysis together with Fluzo and Netquest conducted an advertising measurement exercise of the food sector at the end of 2020.

Using new advertising measurement methodologies and technologies:


  • ACR (audio content recognition).
  • Behavioural data on user browsing.


In this study we show how cross-media campaign coverage is constructed, what each creative contributes, how recall works and what the actual exposure/recall ratio of the tested brands' creatives is. 


We also delve into how the creatives themselves affect the brand image of advertisers and how the targeting of campaigns works both in terms of socio-demographics and purchase decision-makers.


What conclusions do we draw?


  • The need to identify campaign coverage independent of investment. Content consumption has changed due to the "on demand" format and digital video.
  • Brands seek impact by generating pieces that revolve around positivity and enjoyment, as opposed to the excessively condescending and pessimistic tone of the first campaigns of the March confinement.
  • The single source methodology favours targeting and is able to build insights that the traditional one cannot generate.


Read the full study here for more information.