Bankia case: Responsible Management, multiplying the positive impact on companies

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Responsible Management: multiplying the positive impact on companies

As part of a strategy that seeks to change the relationship model with its corporate clients, The Cocktail joined Forética and Bankia to create "Gestión Responsable", a free tool for companies, thanks to which a profitable and productive integration of social responsibility can be achieved.


Since the Soluciona Empresas project was born, positive impact has been one of the fundamental pillars when thinking about competitive advantage for the country's business fabric. In this sense, management that includes social, environmental and good governance aspects is being endorsed by the numbers: there is a correlation between a greater contribution to sustainability and the capture of business value.


Responsible Management is an easy-to-access online tool that allows you to quickly and intuitively assess your company's social responsibility and identify areas for improvement.


Forética, a leading company when it comes to integrating ESG aspects into the management of large companies, thus places its criteria, on the technology of The Cocktail, at the service of Bankia's network of customers, reaching all over the country. Resources to delve deeper into trends in social, environmental and good governance matters related to your customers, suppliers and employees, and tools to help implement the SGE 21 Standard for responsible management in different business models.