From When&Where to The Cocktail: learning from each other for the future of equality

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rom When&Where to The Cocktail: learning from each other for the future of equality

In Spain, 32 harassment complaints are registered every day and during 2019 more than 60,000 crimes related to gender violence, domestic violence or sexual violence were committed, data that have positioned this type of violence as one of the main concerns of Spaniards according to the CIS. The eagerness of high school students Lucía Adrián, Lucía Fernández, Paula Fernández, Sandra Camaño and Nuria Villoira to prevent the increase in these crimes led to the birth of When&Where, an App that obtains the location of users in real time and shares it in emergency situations.


The case of Laura Luelmo, the woman murdered by her neighbour in Huelva at the end of 2018, was the trigger for these five girls to take a step forward. In just a couple of months, the project has become the ally of more than 50,000 women around the world.

Our goal is to reach out to the whole planet and help as many women as we can.

Creators of When & Where

The creators of When&Where, who call themselves LPSN Company on their Instagram profile, were finalists in the global Technovation Challenge competition thanks to the development of their app. Guided by their mentors Cristina Márquez and Óscar Amador, they have managed to make When&Where work today on Android devices, both in English and Spanish, and very soon it will also be available for iOS devices.


From The Cocktail, we invited them to our offices in Madrid to tell us about the creation of the project. With the aim of giving more visibility to their work, we showed them how to create a value proposition and give greater coherence to their brand-product relationship.


Thanks to a joint work session in which we analysed their differential values, their competence and their opportunities for improvement, our cocktail makers from the Brand, Design, UX, Strategy and Technology areas came up with the keys to perfect the experience of the app's users.


Working with the creators of When&Where is another initiative that reaffirms our values, reflected in our Code of Conduct: "at The Cocktail we aim to be a benchmark for talent and human quality, and we will only achieve this by being an open and diverse company for everyone".


In short, these five students have managed to materialise the fight for equality in a technological solution. Those of us who work in the development of digital solutions and the design of experiences have the responsibility to change social reality and this is a fundamental principle when developing any project.


Congratulations, girls!