Improve the relationship of trust with your customers through Loyalty (II)

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Improve the relationship of trust with your customers through Loyalty (II)

There are different technological solutions on the market to support the areas that lead loyalty in a company and Salesforce, which already had a relevant role in this area with its ecosystem of CRM solutions, has just surprised by incorporating a new piece called Loyalty Management, whose main purpose is to help companies to implement and manage their loyalty programmes, both for B2B and B2C.

The new solution built on the Salesforce platform offers a core architecture that enables the creation of engaging and effective loyalty programmes in an agile, configurable way, minimising code development. Natively integrated with Salesforce Digital 360 (Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud and Commerce Cloud), Service Cloud and Tableau, it enables companies to deliver a connected and personalised loyalty experience throughout the customer lifecycle and to leverage the information collected. Some of its main functionalities:


  • Robust, comprehensive and flexible platform: based on the Salesforce Platform to design a variety of different programmes to meet specific needs. Whether it's a membership programme for tiers, points for transactions, mixed,... it allows for flexible programme configuration to earn and redeem benefits. 4-level management:


1. From the programme: a solution for the creation of multiple loyalty programmes (by brand, country, etc.), including all required operational elements (points, currencies, expiry rules, tiers, etc.).


2. From members: In this sense, having a 360° view of each member, individual (B2C) or account (B2B) of the programme is a fundamental aspect to build this trust, enabling them through the Loyalty Program Member, including the view of all their transactions related to the different programmes. 


3. From partners: Today, loyalty is understood as the creation of ecosystems, in this sense, managing partners and their offers are relevant aspects, which is why at Loyalty Management we have enabled partners and products that will be activated throughout a customer's loyalty cycle, e.g. a year's subscription to Netflix on reaching a certain level or points, or a gastronomic experience, etc. 


4. From transactions: Every loyalty programme is built on the basis of interactions. In this sense, the management of the rules for obtaining and redeeming benefits is one of the basic pillars of Loyalty Management, which allows us to track the entire customer journey, including details of enrolment, accruals, redemption, cancellations, etc.



  • Customised loyalty promotions to drive business value: related to the previous point, the ability to build personalised offers, promotions, send vouchers, etc. and, in general, activate the available information as a critical element to have a dynamic programme. The data and 360º vision will allow us to make decisions adapted to each member of our programme, their lifestyle and alignment with their affinities to increase engagement and the value of the product. 


  • Real-time intelligence: both strategically and operationally, the ability to understand the status of the programme, members and partners, measuring key KPIs through the reports and dashboards offered by Salesforce and Einstein Analytics, e.g. prediction of member inactivity, loyalty revenue, propensity to increase average ticket, etc. 


In short, having a loyalty strategy that reinforces customer trust is a must, and Loyalty Management is an agile solution to accelerate results on which to iterate and enrich the value proposition for the customer.