Launching glia, the AI-based acceleration engine for marketing teams

Category: technology, artificial intelligence

Evento presentación glia, motor de inteligencia artificial generativa.

Generative Artificial Intelligence is already in our hands, and it is transforming us. This new scenario forces us to identify opportunities and needs that derive from the change. We must start by integrating the opportunities of GGI to improve products, services and operations, raising capabilities to a level that can only be achieved with these technologies. 
It is in this context that glia is born, a Generative Artificial Intelligence-based engine that empowers customer management tools, enabling marketing teams to improve their effectiveness and efficiency on an unprecedented scale.

"At The Cocktail we have been working on digital transformation for our clients for over 20 years based on design, technology and data. Generative AI allows us to accelerate all of this at an unimaginable speed." Alberto Knapp, founder of The Cocktail.

Glia, which was presented at an event on July 5 at WPP La Matriz, has the ability to integrate into organizations' martech ecosystem (CRM, databases, marketing automation, CRM, etc.) by automating crucial marketing processes:

- It can integrate Behavioral Economics techniques to improve campaigns by 15% by automating hyper-personalization thanks to the selection of the most effective cognitive biases. It is also capable of generating copy recommendations adapted to each channel and format by applying brand manuals and configured styles.

- It can make a sales call center up to 20% more efficient by using an automated system based on natural language processing technology to transcribe and analyze calls and obtain valuable information such as call sentiment, customer intent and other relevant details. All this allows identifying trends and improving customer satisfaction.

- It democratizes knowledge and access to information by allowing marketing teams to interact with all their documents (campaign history, insights, consumer studies...) from a conversational question and answer system that helps standardize core day-to-day processes.

"glia allows accelerating customer management tools enabling marketing teams to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and scale." Alberto Suárez, Managing Director of The Cocktail 

These capabilities are underpinned by leading technology partners such as NVIDIA, Open AI and Microsoft Azure, which provide quality, scalability, data security and modeling.

From the moment this engine was conceived, the goal was to humanize the unstoppable entry of AI. glia is inspired by humans and how neurons communicate accurately and quickly over long distances. However, to do their job, they need the support, nourishment and interaction of glial cells. In the same way, glia make the interaction between people more efficient, richer and more powerful. The human aspect is also present in the four principles on which the engine is based:

- Security: guarantees data integrity and privacy. The engine ensures customer ownership of the models that are activated.
- Achievement: activates in three weeks from a point of advanced sophistication and accuracy. It involves synthetic methods, so data and models are of the highest quality.
- Freedom: it is compatible with any technological system. It is plug&play and does not generate dependencies.
- Beauty: it is adapted to the needs and usability of marketing teams, with ad hoc designed interfaces based on people's knowledge.

"We have already validated cases that have a direct impact on both the bottom line and clients' operational efficiencies." Borja Carril, Chief Data & Marketing Officer at The Cocktail.

The key to making a difference lies in embracing the future as the present. We must start by integrating the opportunities of GPIs to elevate capabilities, adapt roles, skills and established processes, and glia is an effective way to achieve this.