Recommended books

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Recommended books

Here you have a list of inspiring content, whether you want to start learning about sustainability or if you want to expand your knowledge on the trend of the future that is already part of our present.


Let's keep building together.




  • Doughnut Economics. Kate Raworth - How to create a more sustainable future – an economic point of view.


  • Soil, Soul, Society. Satish Kumar - How to engage more sustainably with the world around us, a spiritual POV.


  • The Happy Hero. Solitaire Townsend - How to take action, an easy point of view.



  • Greener Marketing. John Grant- How can marketing tackle the climate crisis – an industry POV.


  • All We Can Save: a collection of essays and poems from women leading the US climate transition. Some great explorations of climate justice!


  • Apocalypse Never. Michael Shellenberger - a case for why environmental alarmism may not be the right approach, good if you need an injection of optimism!


  • Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political Economy of Saving the Planet. Noam Chomsky - new release on the Green New Deal.


  • Dark Ecology and/or Hyperobjects. Timothy Morton - Timothy Morton does some really cool thinking about how we relate to the non-human world and how the enormity of climate change and Anthropocene mega-issues are redefining that.


  • Losing Earth: The Decade We Could Have Stopped Climate Change. Nathaniel Rich: A bit controversial but a very good insight into the geopolitics of climate change.


  • Green Swans, John Elkington. Highly recommended – from the father of the ‘3P Principle – People, Planet, Profit’. He does a product recall of this and also sets how we should be looking for ‘green swans’.


  • Impact: Reshaping Capitalism To Drive Real Change. Sir Ronald Cohen ­– how to rethink our economic system.



Online resources

If you'd like to upskill on Sustainability, there are many free courses online that can help you understand the basics. From social equality to environmental justice, to big data, there are loads of great topics to get stuck into!
Here are some of our favourite websites to find free courses:


Future Learn: Access modules from courses/degrees run by universities around the world. Courses cover a range of subjects from environment, to biodiversity, to human rights.


EdX: Similar to Future Learn, EdX provides access to free online courses covering a range of subjects.


Class Central: Courses from top Ivy League universities. Use the search bar to access sustainability related courses as they sit under a number of different categories within the site.


Ellen MacArther Foundation: Run free webinars which provide training on the circular economy.