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Rethink packaging

In December 2015, the EU action plan based on the Circular Economy was born to ensure a key point in the conversation about sustainability: that all plastic packaging is recyclable by 2030. 


the reality is that we in the 2021 and our plastics processing system is inefficient: collect and recycle more is not going to solve the problem. The key now in the conversation of all our FMCG clients is to bet on innovation from different perspectives and the interconnection of various value chains, from an integrative and global vision.

Innovation Upstream What is it?



Upstream innovation leads us to rethink products and services from the design stage: new materials, product design, redefinition of business models ... Here, innovation and venture building capabilities are key.


And if we put it into practice...


Several brands have already opted for this model and are reformulating their products to guarantee their commitment to the environment. 


Within the 3 strategies of Upstream Innovation we see:


  • Directly or through innovation, the elimination of non-essential packaging gives rise to the opportunity to offer value from the design of the product. 


Nestlé, with whom we are working on sustainability projects, has removed 240 tons of plastic from their water bottle caps. Instead, users are instructed to identify unopened bottles by hearing a "click" when the cap is turned.


Instead of wrapping vegetables in plastic, thebrand Apeel proposes a coating made from plant materials that prolongs the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


  • Reuse not only offers a new range of solutions for plastic pollution but also important business benefits: lower costs, adapt to individual needs, streamline operations, build brand loyalty, improve the experience of the user...


Loop is a platform global offering more than 500 products with reusable packaging. 97% of the used containers are returned to be able to be sold again.


  • The three routes of circulation of plastic. From its conception, the container is designed with materials designed for recycling.


Sprite changes the iconic green color of its bottles and leaves them transparent to facilitate their recycling and sale in the countries of Southeast Asia. (non-tinted bottles sell 35% more) 


Holy Grail prints imperceptible watermarks on the packaging surface to facilitate recycling sorting and can only be read through standard high-resolution cameras.



These are just some examples, to see more and inspire you we leave you links to the following resources: 


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