Sustainability in a pandemic context

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Sustainability in a pandemic context

Necessarily, two phenomena as relevant as the pandemic and the environmental crisis had to intersect. One way to analyse the relationship between the two is to study the extent to which consumers attach relevance to the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The SDGs have become an aspect of attention for administrations, companies and also for citizens. Through a quantitative study (600 surveys of the general Spanish population) we have tried to clarify which of the SDGs identified by the UN they believe companies should focus on. 


Here are some of the results


  • The most relevant SDG for brands to promote - probably linked to the context - is health and wellbeing.
  • Over 55s give more importance to eradicating hunger. Young people up to the age of 24 identify climate action as the main one.
  • The upper classes focus on industry, innovation and infrastructure, while the lower classes call for peace, justice and strong institutions.
  • Gender equality is the goal most selected by 18-24 year olds.


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