Iberia case: customer centricity in times of Covid

Implications: travel, Covid19, Success Cases

Iberia: customer centricity en tiempos de Covid
The adoption rate is close to 50%, more than 13,000 applications processed and 31,000 documents reviewed

The challenge


The current health situation requires that many documents must be validated in the process prior to boarding the aircraft. As a result, long and annoying queues of passengers form at airports. This negatively affects the customer experience and causes significant flight delays, as well as disorganization and disruption.


How can we improve this situation and avoid these inconveniences?


As part of our partnership with Iberia in its transformation to become an increasingly Customer Centric company, we have developed a solution that ensures customers travel with peace of mind in these strange circumstances, anticipating the presentation and validation of documentation from home and facilitating smoother boarding at the airport.


The project


With an agile approach and looking for the shortest possible time to market, we defined and developed in 4 weeks a solution to enable the process in a few simple steps: 


  • In real time and at the time of ticket purchase, the customer is informed of the requirements and required documentation and is enabled to present them to be verified in advance by an agent: PCR negative, medical insurance, health form and any documentation required by regulations for entry into the country.


  • Each document is verified by the agents and, in case it is not correct or if the conditions of the destination country have changed, the client is notified so that he/she can complete this process before the time of travel, thus avoiding further delay at the airport.


  • In addition, the client has at his disposal a form so that he can check the status of his documentation at any time or attach more documents if necessary. 


  • When all trip requirements have been verified, the customer receives a confirmation message.


We have been able to launch the project by appealing to the DNA of the teams involved on the part of the airline and The Cocktail:


  • Flexibility to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment, which requires immediate decision making and the ability to pivot


  • Agility to have a solution in production that generates a positive impact as soon as possible and that takes into account both customer experience and operational efficiency in agent management.


  • Our knowledge of Iberia's technology ecosystem built on the Salesforce platform, being able to make changes against the clock and knowing how to maximize the use of the platform to reduce time to market. 




In its first weeks, the solution has delivered remarkable results with an adoption rate close to 50%, more than 13,000 applications processed and 31,000 documents reviewed. 


As next steps, Iberia's expansion of flight routes will increase the number of passengers benefiting from the solution.