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El Corte Inglés

Change in El Corte Ingles' digital business model

Key ideas.

Trigger Transformation:

marketing, supply chain, technology, commercial process, product placement in physical stores

New omnichannel services:

Spearhead of omnichannel development

Overcoming legacy structure limitations:

Development of connections and integration with CORE systems of El Corte Inglés

At the end of 2012, El Corte Inglés began to redesign its digital business strategy, and they immediately came to The Cocktail.

Since then, we created the new website of the entertainment space, Primeriti, and the design of the fashion, home and ticketing websites. We implemented Google Analytics Premium, and carried on with the follow up and continuous optimization with data analytics. Naturally, we have become their Digital Transformation strategic partner.

We are aware that the visible side of the project are the online stores, but behind the scenes the capacity to direct and manage the internal revolution and transformation at ECI, which affected everything from the way orders were managed up to the adoption of agile development methodologies. During the whole process we led through our work and experience.

Entertainment space

In the entertainment space, we established the basis of the new online design style, which later on has expanded to the rest of El Corte Inglés’ verticals. On top of that, we developed a tailored-made, ad-hoc CMS and set up the technological infrastructure to launch the website in record time, overcoming the barriers imposed by a complex systems architecture.

The infrastructure allows doubling within minutes the calculation capacity upon request and without intervention, is able to elevate the number of application servers responding automatically to high traffic, and is prepared to forecast possible errors in the cloud. In 2015, we were able to offer an outstanding 99.97% availability.

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In Primeriti, we completely redesigned the website, adapting it to multidevice, changing the visual tone and developing ad-hoc CMS and e-commerce from scratch. We applied data analysis to better understand customer behavior and achieve the optimization of conversion rates and recurrence and increase the average bill.

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Fashion, Home and Ticketing

For the Fashion, Home and Ticketing websites we designed a new experience and assisted El Corte Inglés’ teams in the interface design implementation.

The work goes on, since the Digital Transformation of a large company requires controlled steps as well as constant analysis and reaction capacity, agility, and forward thought and vision.

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