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Casa editorial El Tiempo

Digital transformation program for Casa Editorial El Tiempo, in Colombia.

Key ideas.

Digital transformation program

focussed in strategy, product and digital structure.

Business strategy

for 3 of its principal headlines: portafolio.co, diarioADN.co, and Vive.In

Definition of the new digital area,

as a digital support area for all the developed products.

Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET) is the biggest Colombian editorial group, with 16 publications and two television channels. Its newspaper El Tiempo is the most widely circulated in Colombia.

In 2013, we begun to work from our office in Bogota, in a small project but with a high impact: we evaluated the redesign of its principal headline, to adapt it to the business needs and define the significant changes in the interface design.

This brought us to know the organization from an inside perspective, enabling us to performe a strategy consultancy project focussed on readapting its value proposition and increasing its business value, working this time on three principal informative headlines: Portafolio.co, diarioADN.co and Vive.In.

In order to achieve the objective, we worked on its new commercial strategy by developing an offer adapted to the market reality and the definition of its internal process to monetize the brand's value in a digital environment. As a result of this project, El Tiempo obtained:

  • Value proposition defined for users and advertisers

  • Relationship model with the rest of the headlines of CEET

  • Definition of the product, advertising and content forms

  • P&L plan for 5 years

  • New business models

  • CEET potential in the Colombian market in a mid-term period

  • Definition of the offering to be developed for each of the headlines

  • Definition of the new organization, process and objectives for the digital commercials

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This enabled us to define and create a new digital area as a support unit for all the developed product. The Cocktail defined:

  • Structure, functions and responsibilities of the new digital area

  • The adaptability of the new digital area into CEET

  • Profiles description and number of employees required to achieve the objectives

  • Definition of the process and relationship models of the digital area with the product and the redaction of each of the headlines.

In summary, the work done for CEET is a reflection of what we are as a company and what are our services offering: partners to lead transformation project, from the beginning to the set up in the whole company.

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