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Leroy Merlin

The client as the root of Digital Transformation.

Key ideas.

Digital transformation catalyst:

Purchasing center, HR, Marketing, ecommerce and services.

Towards the omni channel experience:

The Salesperson as brand ambassador across all channels

A new vision of the relationship with the client:

The company has a role of brand collaborator

By mid 2014, Leroy Merlin decided to give an important role to its clients in the business strategy and launch a Community where the company would be able to extend its services in an omnichannel environment. To that end, Leroy Merlin hired The Cocktail and we designed and launched the Community for clients, employees and strategic departments for Leroy Merlin business, redefining its relationship with clients which until now have been asked to do only one thing for the company: buy its products.

In the creation of Leroy Merlin Community, we took into consideration Leroy Merlin’s positioning as a leading expert on its sector to take advantage of the internal knowledge of its sales force, making it the centerpiece of the strategy. This content, allows Leroy Merlin to develop touchpoints with its clients in unexplored territories until now.

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For the content strategy, we took into account a SEO analysis and the commercial operations that Leroy Merlin had in motion.

The purchase center constantly receives information about the quality and the trends of product use. This information flow has allowed Leroy Merlin to go a step further, and to sell solutions for its clients instead of only selling products.

The salespeople at the physical shops now have an online space where they can maintain contact with clients. From an HR perspective, the salesperson’s mission has changed into a social mission in which the clients doesn’t need to leave their home to make progress on their projects or to make purchase decisions.

Marketing and services have seen how the community is redefining the purchase space in the physical shop, where clients now receive workshops and training to develop more sophisticated DIY projects. Also, and thanks to the projects uploaded by clients to the Community, for the first time, the brand has seen its products contextualized in clients’ homes.

All in all, through the Community, we reinforce engagement and Leroy Merlin’s value proposition with its clients and we include the clients in the business decision process of the company.

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