A new model of B2C relationship in the real estate sector

Implications: Growth, Digital Marketing, Technology, Design

A new model of B2C relationship in the real estate sector
What strategy should be followed to reduce the intermediation of leads? How can results be accelerated in the short term?

The challenge

A real estate company, which operates nationwide and is an expert in the management of real estate assets and credits, has presented us with the need to reduce the intermediation of leads through aggregators in order to generate impact at new points in the journey and get closer to its final client.

The project

Through our methodology '21 day plan', we approach the reality of your business from a 360º perspective, combining visions of data, design and technology and identifying imminent needs to be solved while building, together with your teams, the company's vision of the future.

"By combining the vision of data, design and technology we identified the impending needs to generate impact, while building the vision for the future"

Addresing immediate needs 

The first step we took to reduce the impact of lead intermediation was to improve the current ways of capturing leads. We set ourselves the challenge of capturing 20% more with 20% less investment in two years time and we set up the machinery that would bring us closer to this goal.

We started with the optimization of the current funnel based on CRO methodology and advanced analytical models, which not only allowed us to gather fruits immediately, but also gave us key inputs for the next step: the redesign of their site. To do this, we put ourselves in the shoes of the users and defined a site that would compete with aggregators thanks to a relevant and simple experience, and a visual identity capable of transmitting the company's value proposal.

In parallel, we generated a strategy focused on making the capture of paid media more efficient through multiple levers such as auditing the work of the media agencies involved, designing dashboards to track investment in real time and seeking greater transparency of results, and defining cookie propensity models to capture more efficiently.


The path to end-user knowledge 

Similarly, the reality of the sector not only opened up the need to avoid intermediation in the capture of leads, but also invited us to expand the impact of real estate on the journey of its users.

From a customer centric vision, we work on a roadmap to address new opportunities for company-user relationships, building value and relevance from digital assets.

A new model of B2C relationship in the real estate sector


· Impact from week 3 of the project, taking advantage of the periods of development of the new platform to generate impact and speed, especially key in the real estate sector to stand out from other digital players
· Efficiency of up to 20% in capturing disintermediated leads on the existing platform
· In 8 months the short-term objectives have been met, with the first initiatives of the aspirational roadmap already being addressed